Solar Radiation

SOLYS2 is the most widely used sun tracker around the world in solar energy and meteorological applications. It has Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN) levels of performance and reliability. Installation and operation of the SOLYS2 is much easier than many other sun trackers on the market.<...

Solar Radiation

The combination of the CHP1 sensor technology with smart interface advantages makes the SHP1 even better, and with faster response.

The smart interface not only provides versatile outputs, the integrated temperature sensor and digital polynomial functions also provide individual correction...

Solar Radiation

The SMP10 is a spectrally flat Class A pyranometer that combines the sensor technology from the CMP 11, the Smart interface from the SMP11 and the low maintenance from the CMP10.

The SMP10 has an internal drying cartridge that will last for at least 10 years if the housing is not opened. T...

Solar Radiation

RaZON+ is an all-in-one system that accurately measures both direct normal irradiance (DNI) and diffuse horizontal irradiance (DHI) from the sun and sky, enabling it to provide very reliable values of global horizontal solar irradiance (GHI) and sunshine duration.

The integrated data logge...

Solar Radiation

The SMP6 is a first class pyranometer that combines the sensor technology and housing from the CMP6. The SMP6 has both digital and analogue outputs, low maintenance, extremely robust and reliable and comes with 5 years warranty (*).

The SMP6 has an internal desiccant that will last for at...

Solar Radiation

The SMP3 is a smart pyranometer with low maintenance and industry standard digital and analogue amplified outputs. Based on the proven CMP 3 technology the SMP3 adds Modbus® interface, improved response time and temperature corrected measurement data. The wide and low power supply range from 5 t...


ACL1: Optically Isolated AC Line Monitor

The ACL1 senses whether there is ac voltage in a monitored wire and sends a signal to a data logger.

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